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Don't Mess With Her--lines by PsychoPyro813 Don't Mess With Her--lines by PsychoPyro813
This is my entry for the November lineart contest at the :iconcolor-me-club:; the theme is "ancient."

A lot of people are doing Greek/Egyptian ancientness, but as soon as I saw this as the chosen theme, I knew I wanted to draw Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. From what I've read about her, you really wouldn't want to get on her bad side. She's rather, er, explosive. Anyway, I pictured an eruption happening with a great sea storm in the background (hence the giant wave and clouds), and all the ancient Hawaiians running from her wrath. Whether or not this is an accurate image, I have no idea. But it sure was fun to draw.

Also, this image marks a stepping stone for me: I discovered the mystical wonders of the paths tool, which i thought had no function other than to annoy me before. I was quite wrong: look! Digital inking! I attempted to clean up my original lines a little bit, but there are a few things I was too lazy to even try to ink, namely the background. besides, I felt like cleaning it up to much would have caused some of my style to go away, since sketchiness is something evident in ever piece of traditional art I do. it took a really long time, too: I finished the sketch on the 10th of the month; it's now 19 days later that i think it's in the condition i want it to be.

Anatomy wise, there are issues, and I know people have done the "woman as volcanic lava" thing before, but not necessarily in this context. It's about being "ancient", after all.

As always, feel free to color (well, that should be really obvious with this one), just give me credit and send me a link of the finished product :D
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November 29, 2010
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